Trattoria del Rosso, Bologna.

I really like this place. It is part of a culinary school, and therefore, is simple and direct. One can have staples like Gnocchi al Ragu or indulge in Capon (castrated Rooster) split in the middle, oily and perfect. The wine list is so minimal, but a bottle of dry Lambrusco is all one needs anyways. Ohh and the pricing makes it the go-to place anytime. It is the simplicity that makes this so good. It is the miyagi cooking that I like. Too much food today is some sort of interpretation at a new shaolin monk death kick, that just leaves me doubting whether the staff ever waxed on and waxed off. Of course that is a gross simplification of most modern cuisine, but it is not just on the cooking side. To really appreciate haute cuisine, as a consumer of the food, one must understand the original. The moment Uma Thurman punches through the coffin in Kill Bill has the significance it does because we know how hard she worked simply carrying buckets. People’s appreciation of food nowadays glorifies this soviet-fusion-single source creation, but how many of them have had true regional cuisine? The cuisine that those chefs (supposedly) spent their formative years cooking, or smashing their hands against wood.

Trattoria del Rosso

Via Augusto Righi, 30, 40126 Bologna

Mon-Sun 12–3PM, 7–11:30PM

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