Medulla, Bologna.

Medulla is a natural wine shop that I regret not going to more often. It is perfectly economical, convenient, and oh ya the wine selection is on point too. In a city where there is a lack of BYOB (it isn’t needed as the markups are sometimes the same as retail here) and the aperitivo┬áculture provides free food, Medulla takes a left field approach. It is a wine shop, but has tables to drink at and you can bring your own food. Only after living in such an aperitivo driven city does the advent of not being provided mini pizzas or chips seem like a rip off, but I remind myself that the quality of wine is going to be higher, more interesting and a better value than some industrial spritz.

They have some extremely well priced wine on tap but I would go straight to the bottled wines. The wine selection is small but refined. Local producers, nice array of sparkling ranging from pet nats to uber small production Franciacorta. One of the owners is Croatian if I remember correctly and they have a nice collection of Croatian and Slovenian wines; better yet many are orange wines. It is small, cozy and the owners have that perfect laidback balance of letting you peruse but are ready to educate and chat about the intricacies of Col Fondo prosecco if you please. The portico outside makes it perfect to stand outside Italian style, and from what I understand there is no corkage for drinking there. I should go back more often.
Update: There is no corkage. Food can be bought and enjoyed there and they have a number of tables to have an awesome aperitivo bordering on dinner. Though the incense can a be a bit much, the Jazz and well thought out wines are awesome. They also have a nice selection that is perfect for discovering rather than regurgitating the same well known natural labels.

Medulla Vini

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 18/A, 40126 Bologna

Mon-Thu 4-12, Fri-Sun 12-12

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