Südtirol Eisacktaler Klausner Laitacher,Thoughts.

Südtirol Eisacktaler Klausner Laitacher/ Alto Adige Valle Iarco DOC 2008

I have written posts on how Alto Adige wines often get looked over. I think ironically it gets completely missed by the population that is most likely to appreciate it. I say this based on affinity for light skinned red varietals, acid structure,  and aromatic characteristics.

I recently tried this red from high up above Bolzano. It was everything that excited me about village Burgundy or chilled German reds.

A very cool blend of Schiava/Vernatsch, Lagrein, Pinot Nero and Blauer Portugieser.

Their website call this blend an Ancient tradition of the appellation. Luckily they have updated their label design.

This has the cool food loving transparency that the Poulsard loving Edward Behr describes as being perfect for beef dishes (He has a conspicuous lack of steak house wine recommendations when it comes to steaks). The crossover with this style of wine and the trendy Württemberg reds of Germany is hard to miss. The main red grape of that region is Trollinger, otherwise known as Schiava and Vernatsch.

A reason these can sometimes be off the radar, is that this is not small independent winemaker. This is made by the Cantina Produttori Valle Isarco. A co-op of over 130 members. This is a fact that doesn’t sell very well in a modern wine sales copy. This may be a marketing mistake, since after all the winery has some exceptional single site wines (I have yet to try).

Additionally these are rather affordable too.


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