Accà Vineria

Accà Vineria

Early into my stay in Bologna I attended a wine event hosted by AMO (Associazione Mescitori Organizzati), a consortium of sorts of Enotecas in Bologna. Wine shops and Wine bars focusing on smaller producers and tend to lean natural. After taking home a card of Acca, I saw this amazing video. Wow. It looks great, it looks fancy and these guys are pros. So, I put it off because it must be fancy and pricey.

Video Link

Boy oh boy did I miss out! One of my biggest regrets is not going here earlier!

It is super down to earth. The wine list is up on the board instead on handheld menus. I always find this nice, since people get annoyed when I just read a wine list the whole time, having this helps me avoid appearing rude, but I can easily go back to looking at the list if the conversation goes dull. The pricing is very competitive, made obvious by competitively priced Champagne. They have a nice mix from all over, conveniently it sort of mirrors what I am interested.

Novello Cidre, Trappist Nunnery white wine from Lazio  or even a Molise red. Molise! That is not supposed to exist.

It is quaint and cozy, and the decor is simply perfect. It is no wonder the management’s interest leans towards the arts with one spin around the room, their facebook page is melange of updates on both wine and art.

The small plates are appetizers that are well thought out and affordable. They somehow made me eat cabbage that I liked. They have a small but well thought digestives selection of better distillates and even a Barbera Chinato from Gradizzolo winery from the Colli Bolognesi.

Highly recommended.


Via S. Giorgio, 11 / E, 40121 Bologna

Tue-Sun 6PM–1AM Mon Closed


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