Osteria dell’Orsa

Orsa has a place in my heart. It was the first place I had a true Tagliatelle Al Ragù during my first week in Bologna. Since then it is often the first place I take all visitors, destroying any notion once and for all that Italy is Spaghetti or red sauce. A recipe that should not and cannot have tomatoes. Ragu alla Bolognese has been bastardized, twisted, and reworked so much so that the Sino-American General Tso’s version of itself is better known.

This is a punk place. Partially communal seating, waiters have Dr. Martens, and it is very well priced. That Ragù is just 6 euros.

Grab a beer instead of the vino. If they have goulash on the menu it is nice as well and the roast beef dish is interesting. They have salads that are some big bowls of lettuce. Conveniently Italians call lettuce just that, salad.

Avoid on a busy weekend, it will get very, very crowded.

Osteria dell’Orsa

Via Mentana, 1, 40126 Bologna

Everyday 12-12


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