Aperitivo Edition: Select

Most people that have been lucky to ever see a bottle of Select, most likely were in Venice. Right on the label it says “Nato a Venezia 1920Born in Venice. Their website and logo are all about Venice. It was hard to track down in Bologna. For reference, Bologna is under two hours away from Venice by train. I only found it in retail at Scaramagli. Bar Maurizio in Bologna, an awesome dive bar serves it as well. It is the sort of place that has been open forever; the drinks come with chips, there is sometimes alternative smoking inside and on Fridays they have Jazz playing. If you get a normal spritz it most likely will come in a plastic cup, but if you order Select, it comes in a glass.

To my surprise it is now owned by the Montenegro distillery and produced in Bologna, though there is nothing in their marketing efforts that would reveal this fact. I was only able to find it by chance at these two places. After asking around throughout the city, it would seem as though Montenegro had almost banned it. 

I am very fond of the Select flavor profile. It is sort of a mix between Aperol and Campari, taking the bitter of the latter with the fruitiness of the former. This makes it super versatile as well since it will appeal to the Amaro guy but has crowd pleasing accessibility as well.screenshot_2017-02-07-20-55-09-1


Strada Maggiore, 31 Bologna

Mon-Sat 9-7:30

Bar Maurizio

Via Guerrazzi 22 Bologna  

Mon-Sat 5-10 *(These may be the wrong hours as they are not really posted)


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